March 12, 2016

Rabbi 101

March 12, 2016

Drawing a Life Map

Drawing a life map is a good way to explore the life of a historical or biblical character; it’s also a good way for students to reflect on their own spiritual journey.
It’s similar to drawing a time line of events, but instead of a straight line moving forward through time, you can use a life map to illustrate ups and downs, twists and turning points. Visual symbols can be used to illustrate important events.
For tips and examples, check out the links below, or Google the phrase, “life map.” The following site has good tips, though no visual images. It suggests using only pictures, never words, on a life map, but this is just a guideline and need not be followed rigidly; adapt the idea to your own needs: Drawing a Life Map

This one contains links to some sample life maps to give you an idea of how it looks: Graphic Life Map


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