September 26, 2015

Participatory Teaching

In the ancient world, transmitting values occurred through oral communication. Through stories, symbols, and images communities found coherence and meaning. Because of the rise of print media in the fifteenth century, values transmission shifted to reading the Word of God. Now, with the advent of electronic media, the means of communication has changed again. The current communication revolution has moved from the didactic nature of the print media to a more experiential form of communication based on a participatory experience. Thus it is important when preparing to teach this lesson to first brainstorm ways to use a participatory approach.

Help students experience the story of Gideon. For example, you may read the story as volunteers act it out. Another idea: Tell students to assume the role of the different characters (the angel, Gideon, Joash, etc.) in the story. After studying the story have each student share their experience from the first-person perspective of the Bible character they were assigned.