May 9, 2015

The Emotional Tie

One of the goals of effective teaching seeks to invite the learners to experience the emotion of the story. For life-transforming learning to take place, teachers should try to do more than simply disseminate information. For the lesson to be memorable, students should feel the story in the gut.

Reflect on all the raw emotions showcased in this story of the Jews in the wilderness and try to engage the students in such a way as to help them feel these emotions. For example, you might set up the Sabbath School class as a courtroom. Assign one person as the defense attorney (representing Moses and/or God) and another person representing a class action lawsuit filed by the people of God. Let the students prepare their cases and then argue about the fairness or unfairness of the wilderness experience that the Israelites had to endure. The more heated the courtroom gets, the better! After all, it’s the emotion that will tie the message in their minds permanently.