April 18, 2015

Shades of Gray

Sometimes things aren’t black and white. To open up an avenue to talk about such issues with your students, you can use a continuum exercise. It provides students the opportunity to express their leanings toward one side or another of the topic at hand. Here is an example that would work well in this lesson.

Write the three statements below on a board, along with the continuum numbers. Ask the students to choose a number for each item that best reflects their sentiments.

God controls everything.                                                                                             We control everything.

1               2               3               4               5               6               7               8               9               10

God will fix everything right now.                                              God will fix things only at the Second Coming.

1               2               3               4               5               6               7               8               9               10

God wants us to rely on Him.                                                                     God wants us to be self-sufficient.

1               2               3               4              5               6               7               8               9               10

Use these continuums to discuss with your class the various attitudes toward God’s intervention in the world today.


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