March 14, 2015

Experiential Learning

We learn at a deeper level when we experience something. For example, one of the best ways to teach delayed gratification is to invite the students to experience it. One way to do this is to offer three M & M candies (or a dollar bill or any kind of treat) to any student who wants to enjoy the reward immediately. For those who wish to wait until the following week in class promise a much bigger reward, such as a whole bag of M & Ms. Experiential learning, of course, is enhanced when there is a time for reflecting and debriefing. In this case you may ask students questions such as:

What factors did you weigh while making your decision either to take the immediate reward or to wait?

How did choosing to wait for a bigger reward make you feel?

How did you feel when others got a bigger reward the next week and you had nothing?

What can you learn from this exercise that might inform decisions you make in your diet? exercise? sexuality? etc.