February 7, 2015

Kinesthetic Learners

In every class there are students who require more stimulation than others. These students are doodling while others are listening. They are moving, talking, etc., when you no doubt want their undivided attention. To hold the attention of this group, you’ll need to include at least one activity that stimulates these bodily-kinesthetic learners.

In this lesson, you may want to collect a group of newspapers and magazines. Distribute them to the class. Then ask class members to find objects that display people’s pride and arrogance (i.e., cars, homes, beautiful friends or partners, money, etc.). These modern-day items are not unlike the tower erected by the inhabitants of Babel, which was an object of their pride and arrogance.

When they find such objects, have them tear or cut the objects out and assemble them in one pile. Have each class member share one or two objects from their pile and how people use that object as a source of pride.