November 22, 2014

Orchestrating Your Teaching

Good teaching should be entertaining. However, does this mean that it lacks in substance? No. Effective teaching is not about reading word by word from a guidebook or having your eyes fixated on a slide projector while you drone on. Good teachers work the room and every student in it. They realize that they are the conductors and the class is the orchestra. All students play different instruments and at varying proficiencies.

Here are some ideas for engaging students:

● Greet your students, by name, at the door when they enter the classroom.

● Start the class on time.

● Encourage students to ask questions at the beginning of the class. Write these down on the whiteboard (or chalkboard) and check each off as you answer them during your lesson.

● Note who is absent. Write a personal note or call them.

● During the week, call your students and ask about their day. Listen attentively and respond kindly (no nagging!). Before ending the call, ask permission to pray for them over the phone.