June 14, 2014

Keep It Simple

In a Sabbath School lesson such as this one there are many points that can be made, but you’ll certainly not have enough time for all of them. One of the teaching secrets that made Jesus effective was His simplicity. Jesus knew ordinary people—how they talked, how they thought, etc.—because He studied people, and because He came in contact with them in His father’s carpenter shop. Jesus made sure that everything He taught was applicable to some real-life challenge that His students were facing or would face. He spoke in simple language, using everyday “props” to make His points.

Jesus’ hearers often missed the deeper layers of meaning in His teachings, but they left with more than enough to pique their interest. As you teach this week’s lesson, consider what items from the teens’ world you can use to build modern-day parables around the truths in this lesson. What language would make the message most simple? Ask God to give you the gift of simplicity that Jesus had when He taught.