June 7, 2014

Making It Stick

Making truth stick in the hearts and minds of students is a constant challenge. Have you ever noticed that you can remember music that touched you eons ago, but not the pastor’s sermon from last week? Truth set to music is often more powerful than the spoken word. Music has the capacity to engage the heart and mind at a deep level, and its message is almost impossible to resist. Perhaps this is why God told Moses to compose a special song for the Israelites to learn as they prepared to enter the Promised Land (Deuteronomy 31). Perhaps this is why so much of King David’s interactions withGod are set to music.

Is there a song that embodies a truth in this lesson that would help that truth “stick” with your students? Why not find a meaningful song and share it with the students? Be sure to explain why you’re sharing the song and the special significance of its message.