September 14, 2013

Making the Story Come Alive

Regardless of the age of the students, one of the most effective methods of teaching truth is through stories. It is no surprise, then, that Jesus—arguably the greatest teacher in history—shared transcendent truths through stories.

This lesson is simply a story. To share this or any story, consider these tips:

• Stimulate the senses so the listeners can feel, smell, touch, hear, and see vivid pictures.

• Describe the characters and settings to help them sympathize with the character’s feelings.

• Research the history and cultural meanings.

• Live with your story until the characters and setting become as real to you as people and places you know.

• See it! Visualize the sounds, tastes, scents, and colors in the story. If you don’t see it clearly in your imagination, the students won’t see it either.

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