August 17, 2013

Make It Personal

As teachers we have a balancing act between giving proper historical context to the biblical teaching and bringing it down to our own context so the student will glom on to relevant points to ponder and practice. If we take too much time with the exposition and word studies, we risk losing the attention of our students. If we move too quickly to modern application, we lose vital information that gives the student time to process the spiritual depths there for them.

One great way to handle that tension is to make the Scriptures come alive for the student by engaging them not merely in group reading and lecturing, but as the text lends itself, to roleplaying. Type it up ahead of time like a script; assign students parts, including a narrator to fill in background. Have a group of them perform the scripture for the rest of the class. Then facilitate a roundtable discussion to unpack the nuances and meanings of the scripture. You may very well find yourself amazed at the depth of insights the students will share!