October 27, 2012

Faith in Hardship Role Play
Throughout our lives hardships and tragedies come, and sometimes it seems hard to be reassured that we are not alone. Having faith may not be easy at times, but anyone can acquire it. All you have to do is remember that no matter what happens in your life, whether good or bad, someone is watching and someone knows and understands what you’re going through.
Working with your students to develop a role play of a biblical character (such as Esther or Mordecai) may help them explore and apply the experiences of others who have gone through hardships in their own lives. It may also help them appreciate the experiences of others more powerfully.
To do this, possibly have one student play Esther and have several others ask her questions about her life. Then “Esther” will answer in the first person. It’s a good way for us to “walk in someone else’s shoes” for a while!