July 7, 2012


Reading Scripture in Class

It’s important to expose students to reading Scripture in class—perhaps more important than most of the things we do in Sabbath School, since they may not read the Bible on their own. But how do you present passages of Scripture as part of the lesson?

One option is to read aloud to students yourself. Another is to read through a passage assigning a verse at a time to different people to read. Or, as suggested in this week’s Out of the Story section, assign different students to read the spoken words of the characters in the Bible story, while you read the narration that ties it together.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to pick a Bible translation that will be lively and appealing to your group. A dynamic paraphrase such as The Message or The Clear Word can be good for bringing a passage to life and making it relevant to students. If you’re doing an activity where the exact words of a text are important, everyone should have the same translation (have a stack of NIV or NKJV Bibles in your classroom, or make photocopies of the passage in the version you want to use). For looking at a short passage from a few different perspectives, you can ask a couple of students who have different Bible versions to read and compare theirs.