About the Bible study lessons

Cornerstone Connections is a daily Bible study guide. It helps you understand the Bible and see the big story of God and people. This big story goes from Adam and Eve in Eden all the way down to our generation today. It’s about the lives of real people and how God interacts with them.

Do you want God to be real to you?  Cornerstone Connections helps you make the connections to your real life.

The Bible is rock solid. It is the absolute Truth. You can rely on it. The word from God comes to us in the stories of people who encountered Him and made a decision to either follow Him or walk away. 

Here’s how to find your way around in the lessons.   

You’ll find the main Bible story in  Into the Story in each lesson. The part called Out of the Story provides you with ways to search for truth you can apply to your life.

In each lesson you’ll also find: 

  • What Do You Think?—a mental activity to get your mind and heart in gear for the story. Every time you approach a Bible story, you are coming to it in the context of your story in which you live every day.
  • Did You Know?—a brief statistic or definition that digs a little deeper into the story or simply provides some helpful facts to bring to the lesson.
  • Key Text—a verse that points out a key concept from the story. It is also a great place to find verses that you can memorize and store away for later use.
  • Punch Lines—a few other verses from Scripture that punctuate key concepts of the lesson. You may see connections between them and the Bible story as well as your own life.
  • Flashlight—a brief snapshot of Ellen White’s input on the story. These glimmers shed light onto the biblical passage but also give you a glimpse of what awaits you in the suggested weekly reading from her inspired commentary on the stories—the Conflict of the Ages series. Find out more about these books here[link to “EGW books More Info page”]
  • Other Eyes—a couple of quotes from various contemporary or historic sources that may open up a slightly different perspective on the central message of the lesson.
  • Making It Real—the guide to making the truths about God in this story your very own. Begin here if you are studying this lesson on your own prior to, or after, studying it in a Sabbath School class. Each day of the week you will be directed to explore one of the sections of the lesson, to relate it to the story you live, and to make the message from God apply to you personally.

Cornerstone Connections is for you. Let us know if you have thoughts about it by clicking here


PS: Don’t forget to check out the reading plan in  these helpful commentary books.