Teaching Teen Sabbath School

Are you a new Sabbath School teacher needing some orientation? Or a long-time teacher looking for new ideas and improved teaching?

Regardless of your experience level, the resources listed below will open new paths for your teaching, ease your mind, and raise your effectiveness in ministering to teens.

Teacher training

The following provide teaching instruction:

Sabbath School Teacher Training Courses
Get to the essence of good teaching in teen Sabbath School here with the courses in the official General Conference Sabbath School training page. Scroll to the bottom of the page for Youth and Young Adult Religious Education courses.

Cool Tools for Sabbath School
The site contains a broad range of instructional documents for many types and components of Sabbath School. Go to the bottom of this page and see the section titled Teaching for teacher training materials you may find useful.

Faith Development of Children
This short study sheet from General Conference Children’s Ministries gives a helpful overview of the life stages and faith development of children and teens.

Teaching Faith
Donna Habenicht and Larry Burton

In spite of its focus on teaching children, this insightful book gives an excellent foundation for any Sabbath School teacher wanting to reach the current generation of youth. For example, chapter 3 explains how to prepare yourself spiritually to be an effective teacher. There are right ways and wrong ways to make it happen. Chapter 4 explains the way children learn and how you can make the most of it. Are there many learning styles? Or do all children learn the same way? The answer is yes! This book belongs in your library of teaching resources. Sabbath School Training Manual If you like to read the official publications of the Sabbath School department, you can still view the old officially sanctioned training manual here on Scribd.com. The document is large and may take a long time to load.

Books to use in your teaching

Leadout Ministries books

Troy Fitzgerald writes books that help teens and their leaders to know God. Check out the Christwise study books that introduce teens to life with Jesus as their savior.

Youth leader preparation

You may find yourself functioning as the de facto youth leader in your church, simply because you’re the designated teen Sabbath School teacher. You can round out your youth leader credentials with the following guides:

7 Principles of Youth Ministry Excellence

Jim Feldbush

Tips for Youth Leaders

Steve Case

A short book with many helpful, concise tips.

Hey! Love Them and They Will Come

V. Bailey Gillespie & Timothy J. Gillespie

Hancock Center for Youth Ministry guide to youth ministry.

Sabbath School activities

To provide learning activities besides study and discussion in Sabbath School, break out the skit books.

Creative Skits and Programs for Youth Groups

Cecily Daly

Ready 2 Go: 15 Heart-changing programs for youth and young adults

Randy Fishell

The Best Creative Skits for Youth Groups

Randy Fishell and Greg Dunn

Youth ministry perspectives

Read these books and materials to understand the world of youth in the church.

Why Our Teenagers Leave the Church

Roger Dudley

The author traced the lives of 1,500 Adventist teenagers as they grew up.

It Takes a Church

Gary Hopkins and Joyce Hopp

A must-read guide to keeping young people safe and saved.

We Can Keep Them in the Church

Myrna Tetz, compiler, with Gary Hopkins

Success stories and ideas in youth ministry that can help us save our kids.

The Complex Religion of Teens

Roger Dudley

Life of today’s teens.

Online resources


Sometimes you just want a quick look at youth ministry. Job descriptions

Youth Sabbath School leader job description

Youth Coordinator job description

Youth Sabbath School assistant job description

Youth leader ideas

  • “Youth Leaders: Talk About It” at the Insight magazine site
  • Startup Ideas for New Youth Leaders from Rich DuBose
  • How to do effective newsletters for teen Sabbath School. From the book ABZs of Adventist Youth Ministry, now out of print.
  • “How to Start a Discussion” by Steve Case