July 24, 2010

 Teaching History With a Box

David R. Wetzel suggests using a tissue box to teach history. With this approach students research historical events and share their findings with others in the class.

Have students glue their completed materials to the appropriate side of the tissue box. Allow students to be creative, while being historically correct.

For example, you can teach about the Diet of Worms by having your youth group work individually or in a group on tissue boxes in the following way:


Top: Put a title and/or an artist's rendering of the event.

Bottom: Student name and resources used in research of the Diet of worms.

Side 1: A brief description, including facts about the Diet of Worms.

Side 2: A visual arts representation of the historical event; such as a diagram, pictures, collage, etc.

Side 3: Quotes from Ellen White about the diet of Worms.

Side 4: How the Diet of Worms has impacted Christian History.

For more information on this teaching tip, see suite101.com Web site at teachertipstraining.suite101.com/article.cfm/teaching_history_with_a_box.