August 08 2009

Motivating Your Students

In today's world it's often hard to catch up and keep the attention of students. Here are some things to consider as you try to motivate your Sabbath School class to become involved in studying their lesson on a daily basis and participating in class.

1. Build a relationship with your students that promotes personal encouragement, honesty, and support.

2. Be a role model. If you aren't in the Word daily, it will show.

3. Don't assume your students are someone they are not.

4. Provide opportunities for your students to take initiative.

5. Allow students decision-making choices about their Sabbath School class and out-reach.

6. Peer pressure can be good or it can be bad. Help guide your students to use their influence on others in positive ways.

7. Guide your students into making commit-ments. Begin with short-term goals and then lead them into lifetime commitments.

8. Make sure your class is a safe place for your students to express their beliefs and feelings.

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