February 2009

Tips for Top-notch Teaching

The “Minutia”

Making your Sabbath School class a success can rise or fall on issues that may seem minor. Here are a few simple do’s and don’ts that make for an effective learning environment.

  • Remember your students’ names and try to involve each in some aspect of the class’s activities.
  • Be sure that no one has an obstructed view of you. If they do, rearrange the class.
  • Try to go behind the questions that teens may ask. What are their reasons for asking that question? What is the deeper issue?
    When you look deeper, you’ll find teachable moments in areas where other students may also need an answer.
  • Do a recap of specific points that were learned in Sabbath School today. Ask students at the end what they will take away from this week’s study. This helps your students focus on the lesson that is most important, and it helps you to see whether your teaching and methods are effective.