January 2008

Visual Learning

Some students are auditory learners and take in the spoken word to maximum benefit. Some are kinesthetic (sensory) learners, needing experiences that involve movement and the senses. But still others are primarily visual learners.


Consider bringing to class a picture of the Lord’s Temple built by Solomon. Several of these are available in Jewish history books. Better yet, give the students a living, breathing image of the Temple and its worship.

Christian Book Distributors offers a very good DVD titled Solomon’s Temple. This DVD details the Temple’s “design, construction, meaning for Israel, and what went on there and why.” The video runs about 30 minutes, so you’ll no doubt want to select a portion of it to show your students.

Most young people today struggle to see and understand the meaning of the Temple in biblical times and its connection with them today. This is one way of making this week’s subject more real.