Cornerstone Topics

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Click on the topics in the list below to explore the available teaching tools for that topic. Topics that relate directly to one of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs show the belief in parentheses after the topic name.

Teaching Tools

Each topic above contains resources relating to the following teaching tools.

  • Active Learning

    Activities that get students to think and respond to a topic by becoming involved in it actively. These activities call for more preparation in that they employ a more hands on approach to teaching.

  • Bible Verses/Stories

    A list of bible verses and stories that relate to the topic.

  • Devotional

    A brief expository paragraph or two that can be read or delivered by a teacher or student in their own words.

  • Dig Deeper

    Understanding the words and phrases of the Bible can enable teachers and students to more fully capture the meaning in Scripture. Word studies reach the students that like to dig deeper.

  • Extend/Apply

    Suggestions on extending the topic into the next week with reminders, planned outreach or email (or other) communication.

  • Hot Seat

    Interviewing others about a particular topic is a way to get others involved in Sabbath school and provide a fresh perspective from a guest. The questions provided would invite responses that would be experiential and personal.

  • Illustrations

    Historical and contemporary stories and analogies can be used to arrest attention and connect our experience to ideas and concepts.

  • Reader's Theatre

    Reader's Theatre is a way to weave scripture, questions, comments and narratives altogether in a format that requires only minimal rehearsal but covers a topic keenly.

  • Small Group Questions

    Small group guides can engage youth groups who are small or those who simply want resources for an evening small group or mid-week meeting that is connected to the lesson.

  • Teaching Values

    Discussion starters and opening questions that get students to think and communicate where they stand on an issue and why?

  • Video Clip

    Video interviews of others can grab the attention of students and foster rich conversation and learning. These occasional video clips will be short and straight to the point.

  • Yeah, What They Said

    Quips and quotes clipped from conversations about the topic from a web forum and other various profound sources.