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Every week, a section of this book, Love Under Fire, helps you to understand the lesson better.

This week's section is chapter 27: “How Successful Are Modern Revivals?”

You can read or listen to the ebook of Love Under Fire or download it for free here.

If you want a copy of this book, you may be able to get one from your Sabbath School teacher. To order a copy for yourself online, click to the Adventist Book Center.


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Cover story: "I Wish I Had Listened!"

Rick Snell

I was too shy to ask her directly, so I made up for it with a creative plan. Before Algebra II started, I approached her with a little equation on a piece of paper and asked if she could help me solve my problem. It read something like this: “Does you + me = the junior/senior banquet?” She confirmed that it was in fact a true statement, and I returned to my seat more a lover of math than . . . read more

Team Blog: Omar   

"Oh, No! She's Coming!"

When I was a kid and growing up in Florida, I remember the shock of being told that my grandmother was coming to visit. The sickening feeling I had in the pit of my stomach was akin to having the flu, taking a test unprepared, or the worst of the worst: turning on the TV only to find out the president was speaking . . . on all three channels!
Why did I feel this way? Simply because I didn’t know my grandmother like my mother did. I perceived her visit as . . . read more


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