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Every week, a section of this book, Royalty and Ruin, helps you to understand the lesson better.

Read or listen to the ebook of Royalty and Ruin or download it for free here.

If you want a print copy of this book, you may be able to get one from your Sabbath School leader. To order a copy for yourself online, click here: Adventist Book Center.


If You Need Help

Is something wrong in your life?

The most important thing to do when something goes wrong: talk to someone you trust. This is extremely important for the best outcome in your life. You may think you cannot bring yourself to speak to someone, but you must try.

Think carefully about whom you can share difficulties with. Start with one or both of your parents. Think of your youth leader; pastor; elder; adult friends who know you well and have proven trustworthy; your own friends who care about you and have good judgment.

You may be trying to help your friend. The same guidelines apply. If you or your friend are in immediate danger or feel suicidal, talk to someone you trust 
right now.

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