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Every week, a section of this book, Beginning of the End, helps you to understand the lesson better.

This week's reading is chapter 15: “Isaac's Marriage: The Happiest in the Bible."

You can read or listen to the ebook of Love Under Fire or download it for free here.

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Cover Story: The Triumphs of Ruth, Pt. 2

Martin Surridge

Abigail was the homeschooled daughter of a Christian minister in the northeastern United States. She was largely self-taught, desperately wanting to ensure she received a good education. She loved to read, and spent time studying law, French, ancient classics, and the works of William Shakespeare in depth. Along the way, Abigail developed skills in writing, for which she would one day become very well-known. Her father, William Smith, who led the Congregationalist church in Weymouth, Massachusetts, was himself a very well-read man, a graduate of Harvard College several years earlier. He often allowed young Abigail into . . . read more


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