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Do you dare to believe that Jesus died on the cross for all of your sins?


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Every week, a section of this book, Love Under Fire, helps you to understand the lesson better.

This week's section is chapters 7 and 8: “Luther, a Man for His Time” and “A Champion of Truth.”

You can read or listen to the ebook of Love Under Fire or download it for free here.

If you want a copy of this book, you may be able to get one from your Sabbath School teacher. To order a copy for yourself online, click to the Adventist Book Center.


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Cover story: "Waiting on God for Good"

Joy Choquette

I stepped out the front door into a beautiful autumn day. It was the kind of day that postcard photographers gush about: robin’s-egg-blue skies, puffy white clouds, and leaves glowing crimson, gold, and fiery orange in the sunlight. Walking down . . . read more

Team Blog: Omar   


Last week my wife went to something called “The 90-Mile Yard Sale.” She’s been going for years now and never, never misses an opportunity to attend. Thankfully it only happens one weekend a year.
Here’s how one popular Web site describes it: “Northwest Georgia’s Dixie Highway Yard Sale follows much of the original 90-mile stretch from Ringgold [Georgia] to Marietta [Georgia], known as The Battlefield Route. The yard sale celebrates the revitalization of the Dixie Highway and attracts visitors to simpler times, giving communities along the route an opportunity to promote their individuality and hidden gems.”
With that being said, where do I begin to explain this extravaganza? I’ve got it: imagine driving through a landfill—filled with useless junk . . . but for 90 miles!
Now that you’ve got both the picture of . . . read more


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Pathfinder Camporee

Only day passes are still available for sale, as of Feb. 20, 2014. If you've got your full-event tickets already, you'll be joining more than 36,000 Pathfinders from 60 countries for the largest six-day Adventist youth event in the world!

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
August 11–16, 2014

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