Readings for the Lessons
Royalty and Ruin cover
Beginning of the End

Reading for this week:
 Chapter 15 
 “Isaac's Marriage: The Happiest in the Bible."

Cornerstone Connections lessons are structured on the simplified Conflict of the Ages five-volume set. The books have been adapted and condensed in contemporary language for easier reading.

Every lesson has a corresponding reading in the Conflict book for that quarter. Your teens will benefit from reading the week's chapter or section in the Conflict book.

Make sure your students have copies of these books to help them study. Ebook versions of the books are available here.

The books can be ordered by
More information
Want to know more about the Conflict of the Ages books? You can find it here.

Rabbi 101
Teacher Tip
Every week, see the Rabbi 101 teaching tip for the current lesson.

This week's tip: Role Playing

Topics for Discussion
The Other Part of Sabbath School
Since the best Sabbath School for teens includes both Bible study and real-life application, wouldn’t it be ideal to have a discussion topic that’s already linked to this week’s Bible study discussion?
We have that! You can find any topic listed in the Teacher’s Guide under EXPLORE in the alphabetical list here. Look for the topic that goes with this week’s lesson.
Each of our supplemental teaching tools for classroom discussion is specifically geared to one lesson in Cornerstone Connections, but of course you can use any topic at any time.

Sabbath School Planning Help

Insight Youth Resource magazine comes to your aid with fun social activities, outreach projects, and AYS programs for every week of the quarter.

It includes abbreviated program suggestions for each Sabbath School lesson. Several lessons come with a teacher discussion guide and a student handout you can photocopy.
Insight Youth Resource does not have a Web site at the moment, but you can ask your Sabbath School superintendent to order the magazine along with your Cornerstone Connections Bible lesson guides and Insight subscriptions.

You can click here to order it within North America, and it's available for outside North America too.