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God Thinks Twice

(May 23, 2015)

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God Thinks Twice
(May 23, 2015)

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Conflict of the Ages series

To understand the lesson better, read the assigned commentary in this quarter’s companion book, Beginning of the End

Reading for this week: Chapters 28  “Israel Worships a Golden Calf."

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The Cornerstone Connections lessons are based on the adapted, condensed Conflict of the Ages books. The assigned reading in the book goes with the lesson every week.

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Cover Story: God's Not Dead, Pt. 1


Gary Blanchard

Perhaps you’ve seen the movie God’s Not Dead, which tells the story of a young man, Josh, who refuses to deny the existence of God despite the ridicule and mocking he receives from his atheistic philosophy professor (Jeffrey Radisson) and, I might add, his girlfriend as well. The movie ends with Josh defending God successfully by using Scripture, experience, reason, and science as his argument. If you haven’t seen it, let me be the first to invite you to check it out.
Although the movie is fictional, it is based on the reality that university students around the world, and particularly in North America, are being mocked and . . . read more