Cornerstone Connections lesson

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Real Estate Section (Sept. 5, 2015)

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Real Estate Section (Sept. 5, 2015)

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This week’s teacher tip in Rabbi 101: Role Playing


Conflict of the Ages series

To understand the lesson better, read the assigned commentary in this quarter’s companion book, Beginning of the End

Reading for this week: Chapter 48  "Home At Last"

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The Cornerstone Connections lessons are based on the adapted, condensed Conflict of the Ages books. The assigned reading in the book goes with the lesson every week.



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Cover story: "The End"

Alex Brady

It's really hard to believe that my first year of college will be over in three days. Second semester, especially, has just flown by. There have been nights with plenty of sleep, and nights with not so much sleep. There have been Sundays full of relaxation, and Sundays full of studying. There have been tests with good grades, and tests with maybe not-so-good grades. No matter what happened, no matter the good or the bad, it has all been a great experience; an experience that I would not trade for anything. 
And in a way, a lot of those small things throughout the year seem pretty unimportant right now. It’s the big . . . read more