Cornerstone Connections lesson

Student Lesson
"Quiet Desperation" (Oct. 3, 2015)

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Teacher's Guide
"Quiet Desperation" (Oct. 3, 2015)

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Rabbi 101: This week’s teacher tip is "What I Don't Know Versus What I Do Know"


Conflict of the Ages series

To understand the lesson better, read the assigned commentary in this quarter’s companion book, Beginning of the End

Reading for this week: Chapter 54  "Samson, the Strongest Yet Weakest Man"

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The Cornerstone Connections lessons are based on the adapted, condensed Conflict of the Ages books. The assigned reading in the book goes with the lesson every week.



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Cover story: "The Modern Covenant, Part 4"

Myron Madden

I swiveled around in my chair just in time to see Marcus throw open the door to my office and storm inside, holding up a copy of the previous week’s newspaper.
“Madden! What is this?” he demanded.
I risked a quick glance around the room. Everyone else in the small office had stopped working to stare at the visitor. They looked about as confused as I felt.
“Can you be more specific?” I asked . . . read more