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Apply the Blood!

(April 25, 2015)

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Apply the Blood!
(April 25, 2015)

This week’s teacher tip in Rabbi 101: Agree or Disagree

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Conflict of the Ages series

To understand the lesson better, read the assigned commentary in this quarter’s companion book, Beginning of the End

Reading for this week: Chapters 23 and 24  “The Ten Plagues of Egypt" and "The First Passover."

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The Cornerstone Connections lessons are based on the adapted, condensed Conflict of the Ages books. The assigned reading in the book goes with the lesson every week.

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Cover Story: The enditnow Summit

Julio C. Muñoz

The audience sat in silence as the words lingered on the screen: “The film you are about to see portrays something that happens every two minutes every day . . . Those who sexually abuse children come from all levels of socioeconomic backgrounds, professions, and education, and are not limited by race, age, or gender.”
For the next quarter of an hour participants at the second annual enditnow Summit on Abuse watched the story of Holly unfold through the dramatic short film The Hideout, which sensitively yet powerfully portrays the delicate topic of child sex . . . read more